How to massage your baby

About Baby Massage

Massage has been proven to benefit your infant’s growth and development and at the same time provide you and your baby with a period of special loving time together.

The nurturing touch of Infant Massage provides a tender and sensitive way to express your love to your baby and to reinforce feelings of trust and respect for each other. These feelings provide the foundation of your relationship for the years to come.

How To Give Your Baby a Massage

A relaxation massage may be given at any time of the day. There are no set rules. For newborns, a massage up to ten minutes is sufficient, while older babies can enjoy a massage for up to twenty minutes. The best time for massage is when your baby is receptive, not hungry or cranky. And, of course, you should be relaxed and enjoy the contact as much as your baby.

1.  Slowly massage baby’s head.

2.  On your baby’s body, use both hands, stroke from the centre outwards to the side of the baby’s body. Remember that the ribs curve, strokes should follow the spaces between the ribs.

3.  Massage in a clockwise direction around the navel in widening circles. Do not massage the belly-button until the umbilical cord has fully separated and healed.

4.  Stroke down baby’s back from neck to bottom. With the fingertips of both hands lightly massage the muscles on either side of the spine from neck to bottom using a descending circular movement.

Recommended for Baby

Massage Oil

A completely natural blend of sedative oils to calm your baby. The safe, gentle and anti-viral plant oils will protect baby’s tender skin.  Massage prior to or following bathing, or at other times to encourage relaxation and more importantly, bonding through the magical sensation of touch. This oil is also ideal for mother to use on stretch marks prior to and following the birth of your baby.

Contains cold pressed sweet almond oil, rosehip and calendula healing oils, essential oils of Chamomile, Tangerine and Tasmanian Lavender.

Botty Balm

A deluxe botty balm consisting of Tasmanian Leatherwood beeswax, cold pressed sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, unrefined cocoa butter, infused calendula and carrot healing oils and Tasmanian Lavender essential oil.

Use to soothe and assist in the healing of nappy rash and dry chaffed skin. Ideal for everyday care.

Chest Rub

An effective and mild vapour rub to be massaged into the chest and back for the temporary relief from the symptoms of chest colds. 

Contains cold pressed virgin sweet almond oil and Australian grape seed oil, Tasmanian Leatherwood beeswax and Eucalyptus radiata and Tasmanian Lavender essential oil.

Cleansing Bar

A pure and mild unscented vegetable soap containing coconut, palm and olive oils, added to rosewater and vegetable glycerine. A mild soap that gently cleanses baby’s skin without drying.

Baby Bath Cleanser

A gentle liquid foaming bath soap, derived from a coconut base. Mild on the skin and with the added benefit of rosehip and calendula healing oils. 

Available unscented for newborn babies or lightly fragranced with pure essential oils of Blue German Chamomile, Mandarin  & Tasmanian Lavender for older infants.

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