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Hand & Body Lotion

Dry Skin

Contains essential oils of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Patchouli  blended into a natural  cream base to produce a luxurious lotion for the whole body. A sensual blend reminiscent of the 60s.


Contains essential oils of Geranium, Juniper Berry and Tasmanian Lavender blended in a natural cream base to help relieve the symptoms of problem skin. 

Cooling Foot & Leg Lotion

Contains essential oils of Cypress, Rosemary and Tasmanian Peppermint blended into a cream base to help relieve tired, swollen aching feet and legs and it may help to stimulate circulation. 

Daily Repair Oil

A very safe and natural blend of plant oils for face and body. Massage into the skin daily to minimise damage and to encourage tissue repair. Recommended to use during pregnancy for prevention of stretch marks.

Agiletz French Clay (35gm)

–  Green  (For tissue repair. It draws toxins and may be used daily as a gentle cleanser)

–  Pink  (Fragile, dehydrated, sensitive skin. Tissue firming for bust, thighs stomach & arm)

–  Red  (Broken capillaries, bags under the eyes and good for muscle toning)

–  Yellow  (Revitalises tired and neglected skin) 

–  White  (Sensitive and delicate skin)

 Floral Water (100ml)

Floral Waters are a combination of infused flowers, essential oils and purified water.  A delightful way to refresh your skin. Floral waters may be used after cleansing to stimulate the circulation, reduce oiliness and help to refine open pores.  They are excellent for air conditioned rooms and to use whilst traveling.

–  Chamomile Water: recommended for red inflamed skin

–  Rose Water: cool and soothing for normal, dry or sensitive skin

–  Orange Flower: helps to balance oily skin

–  Witch Hazel: more astringent and stimulating, more suitable for problem skin

–  Lavender: for mildly blemished skin

Cleansing Milk (for all skin types)

A light cleansing milk formulated to remove impurities from your skin and to leave it feeling soft and clean. Contains demineralised water, rose floral water, cold pressed sweet almond oil and grape seed oil, emulsifying wax vegetable derived, vegetable glycerine,  cetyl stearyl alcohol, rose hip & jojoba oils, Sodium Hydroxymethyl Glycinate (naturally derived preservative) xanthum gum, vitamin E & C. Chamomile herbal extract and geranium essential oil.

Face & Body Scrub

A mild exfoliating and cleansing scrub made with demineralised water, witch-hazel floral water, cold pressed sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine, finely ground apricot kernel & almond meal, vitamin E & C. Herbal extracts of bilbery, eyebright and rose geranium essential oil.

Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip oil is extremely beneficial in the treatment of tissue regeneration for burns, facial wrinkles and treatment to scars following accidents or surgery. The oil counters the drying effects of the sun, usually indicated by the lines around the eyes and mouth. Our Rose Hip Oil is cold pressed and unrefined.


Rose Hip Cream (dry and sensitive skin)

An unscented cream that is suitable for dry and sun damaged skin. Contains demineralised water, emulsifying wax, rose floral water, vegetable glycerine, cold pressed oils of organic jojoba, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil. Cocoa butter and unrefined organic shea butter. Aloe vera and pure unrefined organic rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and carrot oil. Vitamin C & E, Sodium Hydroxymethy Glycinate (naturally derived preservative), citric acid.  Herbal extracts of chamomile, calendula,  cucumber and St Johns Wort,  

Calendula Cream (dehydrated skin)

A luxurious cream specially formulated for very dry and eczema prone skin. Due to its high content of quality healing oils it will help to re-hydrate and nourish your skin. Contains demineralised water, rose floral water,  emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine, cold pressed oils of organic jojoba, sweet almond and apricot oils. Cocoa butter and unrefined  organic shea butter. Aloe vera, evening primrose oil, carrot oil and calendula oil.  Vitamins C & E, Hydroxymethyl Glycinate (naturally derived preservative) and citric acid.  Herbal extracts of calendula, cucumber,  chamomile,  and St Johns Wort. Lightly perfumed with  Australian Sandalwood.

Ylang Ylang Cream (balancing skin)

A light yet nourishing cream delicately scented with sweet tropical Ylang Ylang essential oil renowned for its balancing properties, it is therefore best suited to combination/normal skin types. Contains demineralised water, witch hazel floral water,  emulsifying wax and vegetable glycerine. 

Cold pressed oils of organic jojoba and sweet almond oil. Aloe Vera and evening primrose oil, vitamins C & E, Hydroxymethyl Glycinate (naturally derived presevative) citric acid. Herbal extracts of bilberry, nettle, and calendula. Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Lavender & Tea Tree Cream (problem skin)

This cream is suitable for skin types that are prone to break-outs. Lavender will help soothe inflamed skin and tea tree is well known for its antiseptic properties. Contains demineralised water, emulsifying wax and witch hazel floral water. Vegetable glycerine and cold pressed oils of sweet almond, organic jojoba oil and evening primrose. Organic shea butter, aloe vera and vitamins C & E. Hydroxymethyl Glycinate (naturally derived preservative) citric acid. Herbal extracts of bilberry, calendula, nettle and essential oils of Tasmanian grown Lavender and ultra-premium Tea Tree. 

 Lip Balm (15gm)

A protective and moisturising lip balm containing Tasmanian leatherwood beeswax, organic virgin olive oil, cold pressed sweet almond and grape seed oil, cocoa butter, wheat germ, calendula and pure essential oils.

–  Tangy Orange & Clove

–  Tasmanian Lavender

–  Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

–  Tasmanian Peppermint & Spearmint 

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